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"Remsberg helms a lean 90-minute production, showing his eager young actors off to good advantage..." - BACKSTAGE

"Glory Days is an all-around winner." - StageSceneLA

"...the strengths of Glory Days...bode well for the future of musicals." - LA Stage Times

Sat, Mar 19 – Sun, Apr 24
Thurs, Fri, Sat 8pm
Sunday 3pm

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No Performances
Easter Weekend- TBD

$32.00 General Admission for All Shows

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Special Show Info
Running time: 90 minutes.
There will be NO Intermission Live Music (4 Musicians) will Perform All Music for the Play Live. No Late Seating. Wheelchair Accessible. Ample Street Parking on Lillian Way just in front of the Lillian Theatre.


Elephant Stages - Lillian Theatre
6322 Santa Monica Blvd
(Santa Monica & 1076 Lillian Way)
Los Angeles, CA  90038
Ample Street Parking
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Special Theatre Info
Wheelchair Access

The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-7792

Four high school friends meet one night, a year after graduation, on the high school football field's bleachers. Will introduces the background of the four friends. Will has invited the three of his friends, Andy (Will's college roommate), Skip (who went to an Ivy league school), and Jack (similarly separated from Will, Andy, and Skip, though where is not specified) to meet with him. As the friends arrive, Will begins to catch up with his friends and in the process gets caught up in a traditional match of male-bonding/one-upsmanship with Andy over their College sexual exploits. Will also mentions the purpose of the midnight meeting: to play a prank on the friends' high school rivals / oppressors /classmates, and though all four are not right off the bat on board for the prank Will manages to convince them. GLORY DAYS begins and ends on this one night, or does it end and begin?