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I Never Sang For My Father

Wed, Oct 07 – Sun, Nov 08
Friday, Sat 8pm

Sunday 5pm

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No Performances
Easter, April 12


Special Show Info
Running time: 90 minutes.
There will be an intermission.
Free underground parking at 808 Wilshire.

Miles Playhouse
1130 Lincoln Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA  90403
Ample Street Parking
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The theatre has concessions.

This is the story of Gene, a widower, with an elderly mother whom he loves and an eighty-year-old father, whom he has never loved, hard as he tried. The father has been mayor of a small town in Westchester County, self-made and highly respected. Beneath these trappings, however, he is a mean, unloving and ungenerous man, who has driven his daughter away because of her marriage to a Jew and has alienated his son through his possessiveness, his selfishness and his endless reminiscences. Suddenly the mother dies, and Gene is faced with the responsibility of having the father on his hands just at a time when he wants to remarry and move to California. There are a series of dramatic confrontations when Alice, the sister, who has defied her father, pleads with Gene not to take on the burden of the old man and ruin his life; when the penurious father and son have to pick out a coffin for the mother; and the final episode in which Gene tries once again to rouse in himself affection for his father and succeeds, but only for a moment. For it is still not possible for him to "sing" for his father—to understand and be understood, to give the love he so wants to give but doesn't know how.