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Salvage (2019)

"TRULY SNAPS. Strong cast in a well-paced and tuneful production. This new work has plenty to enjoy." - LA Times

"RECOMMENDED! Rarely does a theatergoer encounter as seamless a marriage of script, song, direction and performance as in Salvage, Tim Alderson’s emotionally captivating gem of a play." – Stage Raw

“WOW! Powerful… Some of the most haunting, gorgeously sung country music in town. Expect it to fill your heart with hope and your ears with song this holiday season.” - StageSceneLA

"TERRIFIC. Salvage is the best original musical I’ve seen in some time. I was caught up in its spell and moved by its scintillating songs and performances. Don’t miss this one." – Total Theater

"BREATHTAKINGLY NEW. Astonishing grace and soul. Truly wonderful, moving, funny...excellent and beautifully performed music. The...cast is just superb. Do yourselves a huge favor and SEE THIS SHOW." – NoHo Arts District

“A SOLID HIT. Do not miss it! Remarkable musical play. A powerful story of ambition, frustration, love, loss…hope. Incredibly affecting”-TheatreNotes

“A treat for audiences. Blends music and drama into a satisfying add a little something extra to each medium. A crowd pleaser.” - Splash Magazines

Friday, Nov 15, 8 pm

Sat, Nov 16 – Sun, Jan 19
Fri, Sat 8 pm
Sun, 3 pm

Show Calendar

No Performances
Friday December 27th
Saturday December 28th
Sunday December 29th

$25 Previews
$35 Fri, Sat, Sunday

Special Show Info
Running time: 95 minutes.
No late seating

Lounge Theatre 1
6201 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90038
Street Parking
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Special Theatre Info
The theatre has concessions.

“Having a dream is like running with scissors.”

Harley, a singer-songwriter whose wife is expecting their first child, has decided to hang it up. On his way to pawn his guitar, he stumbles across the bar where his musical hero, Floyd Whitaker, died. Entering, he finds Johnson, the inhospitable bartender, and a single, surly customer, known as Preacher, who’s strumming the blues on an old guitar. Dueling words and songs ensue, dislodging uncomfortable truths, until an unexpected arrival turns everything on its ear.