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"A glorious evening’s entertainment, a personal triumph for Fry and for the reality of science we know so little about." ~Random Lengths News

"Fry brings the many sides of Albert Einstein to life in his riveting solo show, painting an honest but deeply human and touching portrait of one of the greatest men in human history." ~TotalTheater

"Jack Fry's Triumphant Einstein! This is a unique American premiere worth investigating." ~HUFFINGTON POST

Selected as Best Actor of London Fringe Festival, ~London Free Press

"Science history can merge into entertainment and this is how you do it." ~VueWeekly, Edmonton


Tue, Aug 27 – Mon, Oct 07
Tuesday, 7:30 PM
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Running time: 80 minutes.

Santa Monica Playhouse
1211 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA  90401
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The theatre has concessions.

One of the most iconic figures in history comes to life in writer-performer Jack Fry's one-man show Einstein! - The London Free Press of Ontario named Fry Best Actor at the London International Fringe Festival, where Einstein! got rave reviews for its compelling and intimate look at the legendary scientist. Set in 1914 Berlin, the show follows young Einstein as he struggles to prove his General Theory of Relativity while his personal life and society crumble around him. Told with humor and heart, Einstein! draws on the recent release of 15,000 documents and Fry's three years of research to show a side of the genius that is rarely seen. Fry's previous show, They Call Me Mister Fry, detailed the author's first year teaching fifth grade in South Los Angeles, and was included in the Best of the Fringe at the 2010 Hollywood Fringe festival.