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The Marriage Zone.

A smash hit comedy from the author of “It's Just Sex” and “Is There Sex After Marriage?”

"Delightful and hilarious take on marriage"~Cynthia Citron, San Diego Jewish World

"An intriguing conceit handled brilliantly by author and director Jeff Gould. Excellent cast!"
~Morna Murphy Martell, Theatre Spoken Here

"The entire show is filled with abundant humor....enthusiastically recommend"
~Ron Irwin, Huntington Beach News

"The cast is superb....Complex and unusual tale....Highly recommend"
~Samantha Simmonds Ronceros, Noho Arts District

"Excellent.....A stellar cast and a great script".
~Jarrett Christensen, Tolucan Times

"Sweet comedy about marriage"...Gould's writing is crisp, glib, and playful"..."The performances are surprisingly nuanced."
~ Paul Birchall, STAGE RAW


Sat, Feb 23 – Sun, Jun 02
Sundays 3pm
Saturdays 8pm

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Running time: 90 minutes.

Santa Monica Playhouse
1211 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA  90401
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"The Marriage Zone" is back again, still on the West side! Winner of "Best writer of an original play" at the 2018 Valley Theater Awards. From Jeff Gould, author of "It's Just Sex" and executive producers Bruce P. McNall and Steven C. Markoff, Beth and Cal's 20-year marriage is at the crossroads. One day, while selling their house, a younger and an older couple unexpectedly show up at the door. It seems innocent at first, but after a little while, it becomes apparent that they have way too much in common. They have crossed over into "The Marriage Zone". Discoveries are made, secrets are revealed, and the result is a hilarious and poignant look at the life of a marriage.