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Crime and Punishment

"MESMERIZING INTENSITY… I would recommend this show as an introduction to Dostoevsky’s world… go see it."
~ Stage Raw

"MASTERFUL… three superb actors… Connect[s] powerfully with the audience."
~ Total Theater

"PRETTY COOL is the term that comes to mind… Mr. Trevino dominates in a whirlwind of emotion."
~ Theatre Notes

"CAT-AND-MOUSE… It is easy to see why this adaptation has received such acclaim… Live camera feeds projected on stage add further dimension... Trevino’s intensity is dialed up to 11… an effective performance in a demanding role."
~ On Stage and Screen

Friday, April 26, 8 pm

Sat, Apr 27 – Sun, May 26
Fri, Sat 8 pm
Sunday 4 pm

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$15 Previews
$25 General Admission

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Running time: 90 minutes.
Valet parking is available for a fee at Edgemar. Metered self-parking is plentiful along Main Street and in Lot 11, just across Main Street. Parking on Second Street and other adjacent residential streets is prohibited without a City permit, although there is parking on Fourth Street and beyond. There is no late seating allowed.

Edgemar Center for the Arts Mainstage
2437 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA  90405
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Special Theatre Info
Wheelchair access

The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-7822

This new, award-winning adaptation of Dostoyevsky's literary masterpiece Crime and Punishment is told by three actors. This "conversation on the nature of evil" is set in the mind of the murderer where he relives and explores the thoughts, ideas and feelings that drove him to his horrible crime. The play becomes a psychological landscape which creates a thrilling journey into the mind of a killer and his search for redemption. This is an intimate psychological and spiritual journey which seeks to unveil hidden dimensions of the human condition.

Co-Presented by Edgemar Center for the Arts.