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Don't Hug Me, We're Family

It's Fargo meets My Cousin Vinny
Without the blood or the trial lawyers...

A true theatrical gem!
~ LA Post Examiner

A real kick!…Enjoy a theatre experience loaded with talent, comedy, and a great deal of fun!

~ Carol’s Culture Corner

Often twisted but always hilarious!… You can’t feel blue at a “Don’t Hug Me” show!
~ Norwegian American Weekly

A good laugh, a good time and in no way serious…The point of this show is to bring joy and happiness to the audience, and on opening night, it did exactly that!…If you are looking for a way to de-stress after a long Friday at work or are looking for a fun weekend nighttime activity, by all means, attend a performance of this show!
~ BroadwayWorld

LOVED IT!!!…Always funny, always great, always wonderful, and always thoroughly enjoyable. Now is the time to have some fun and visit Bunyan Bay once more. I love the DON’T HUG ME series, and each and every one brings a smile to my face. I’m looking forward to the next one. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

DON’T HUG ME, WE’RE FAMILY is the funniest play about the folks from the frozen north this side of Anoka County! This writer can hardly wait until the next entry from this collection makes its mark!
~ AccessiblyLiveOff-Line

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Fri, Feb 16 – Sun, Mar 25
Fri & Sat @ 8pm
Sun @ 2pm

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$24 - General Admission

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Running time: 120 minutes.
There will be an intermission.


Theatre Unlimited (T.U. Studios)
10943 Camarillo St.
North Hollywood, CA  91602
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wheelchair accessible

The theatre has concessions.

A World Premiere Musical Comedy by the authors that brought you the popular "Don't Hug Me" musical comedies that have had over 200 productions throughout North America.

Adapted into a musical from Phil Olson's Award-Winning comedy, "Crappie Talk," "Don't Hug Me, We're Family" is the sixth in the "Don't Hug Me"
franchise of musical comedies.

The setting is The Bunyan, a little north woods bar in Bunyan Bay, Minnesota. In the bar is a radio station; KOLD Radio, Bunyan Bay. The bar owners are Gunner and Clara Johnson. Gunner is the host of Cräppie Talk, a radio program devoted entirely to ice fishing for Cräppies.
Gunner has no listeners.

Gunner's wife, Clara, is the host of Book Beat. Everyone listens to Book Beat.

Enter Sal Carducci and Donna DeCasola, two fish out of water Brooklyn Italians. Donna divorced Sal and fled to the farthest corner of the world to get away from him; Bunyan Bay. Sal follows Donna to Bunyan Bay from New York to win back her love. In the process, Sal buys KOLD Radio, promotes Clara to General Manager and fires Gunner. Gunner's work is cut out for him. He needs his radio job, he needs his dignity, but most important, he needs Clara.