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Something Truly Monstrous

Saturday, Sept 26, 8pm
Sunday, Sept 27, 2pm
Tuesday, Sept 29, 8pm
Wednesday, Sept 30, 8pm
Thursday, Oct 1, 8pm
Friday, Oct 2, 8pm

Sat, Oct 03 – Sun, Nov 08
Fri, Sat 8pm
Sun 2pm

Show Calendar

No Performances
Oct 31st

$25 for Previews
$30 Fri, Sat night, Sun matinee

Special Show Info
Running time: 90 minutes.

2nd Stage Theatre
6500 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA  90038
Ample Street Parking
Area Map

Special Theatre Info
Wheelchair Access - Available with advance notice. Theatre accommodates 53 seats.

The theatre has concessions.

Something Truly Monstrous is based on the Hollywood rumor that on the night John Barrymore died, Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart stole his body and went joy riding. May 30, 1942. On the day Hollywood finally killed John Barrymore, Jack Warner offers a studio contract to Peter Lorre, who is currently shooting Casablanca. Saddled with expensive tastes and a nasty drug habit, Lorre is tempted to sign. But while the contract means financial security, it also will force Lorre to forever play monsters in the B-unit. To ensure that he will not give into this temptation, Lorre shoots himself full of morphine, steals John Barrymore's body from the mortuary, recruits Humphrey Bogart with plans to leave Barrymore's body in Jack Warner's living room. But every defiant step only leads Lorre closer to signing the contract that will turn him into the monster he fears he's already become.