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Nickel and Dimed

“Nickel and Dimed” has lost none of its importance or urgency... Compelling detail..."
- LA TIMES 2013 (Phillip Brandes)

"The production is sobering and thought-provoking, comedic moments are interspersed throughout. Through use of wit, intelligence and earnestness, Nickel and Dimed serves as a tacit reminder..." - LIFE IN LA PUBLISHING

"....a timely and empathetic theatrical project (maybe more so now than a decade ago) that deserves to be seen by anyone concerned about the growing gap between the have and have nots and by those who appreciate socially aware theater. "

"..a reminder that good theater can spotlight societal ills more effectively than many other means of reporting." - ARTS IN LA

"...entertaining and, from a progressive standpoint, politically and culturally on target..." - LA WEEKLY

"This show is smart, provocative, funny, insightful, and sane in a world that totally craves these barebone necessities. "Nickel and Dimed" is worth its weight in gold..."

“…undeniably provocative…" - Variety

“Daring…Ehrenreich’s irrepressible sense of humor admirably translates from page to stage.” - Los Angeles Times

“Involving, important and urgently topical.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

“Penetrating clarity and sharp, illuminating humor…succeeds beautifully in creating the wearying reality of dead-end jobs and the people trapped in them." - The San Francisco Chronicle

“A rare example of theatre that tries to open our eyes…” - Time

Thursday, July 18, 8 pm
Friday, July 19, 8 pm

Sat, Jul 20 – Sun, Aug 25
Fri, Sat 8 pm
Sunday 3 pm

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$25 General Admission

Special Show Info
Running time: 120 minutes.
There will be an intermission.

Hudson Mainstage Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA  90038
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Wheelchair Access

The theatre has concessions.

(323) 960-5770

Can a middle-aged, middle-class woman survive, when she suddenly has to make beds all day in a hotel and live on $7 an hour? Maybe. But one $7 an hour job won’t pay the rent. She’ll have to do back-to-back shifts, as a chambermaid and a waitress. This isn’t the first surprise for acclaimed author Barbara Ehrenreich, who in the late 90’s set out to research low-wage life firsthand, confident she was prepared for the worst.

Barbara Ehrenreich’s bestseller about her odyssey is vivid and witty, yet always deeply sobering. Joan Holden’s stage adaptation is a focused, comic, but shadowed epic.

Barbara is prepared for hard work, but not, in her mid 50’s, for double shifts and nonstop aches and pains, for having to share tiny rooms, live on fast foods because she has no place to cook, beg from food pantries, gulp handfuls of Ibuprofen because she can’t afford a doctor, for failing, after all that, to make ends meet; or for constantly having to swallow humiliation. The worst, she learns, is not what happens to the back or knees; it’s the damage to the heart...