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Booby Trap The Very Breast Show In Town
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This show is full of the joy of being alive and was very uplifting. When I tried to get a male or female friend to see this musical comedy show, they didn't want to come because they thought it would be depressing. Having dealt with cancer in their real lives, through themselves, friends, or relatives, they didn't want to deal with the subject anymore. They really missed a great show with lively singing, dancing, and healing monologues. For anyone who ever missed out on not being invited to a slumber party, or not fitting in with the girls, everyone is included. In fact, they have a group orgasm in clothes, and you feel included in the secret club of women all over the world, the ultimate sorority. Less men get breast cancer, but what man wouldn't want to come and see beautiful women in pretty lingerie singing and dancing. Some of the women are extremely gorgeous, by the way. One of the songs blames men on creating the mammogram because it really hurts, but don't take this seriously. If you do, then go back to school and become a MD and create a less painful mammogram and stop blaming other people. At least we have a mammogram test!

The Booby Trap, is for everyone, includes every kind of Boob, and is sexually exciting!

--Laurie Senit
KCLA, American Radio Network

by Alex D. Palmer

In "BOOBY TRAP The Very Breast Show In Town"...

There's a lot to like about breasts. They are sources of inexplicable power over men, of life-giving nourishment to infants; indicators of major life events (the move into womanhood, the early stages of pregnancy) and hopefully enough joy, fear, and funny stories for a two-hour play.

Back after a successful run in 2004, Booby Trap is playing at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood through November 12. Eleven women and one man perform skits and cabaret numbers about breast implants and bra-buying, telling stories about stuffings gone wrong, or the challenge of keeping a boyfriend’s attention in a house full of big-breasted women. All the while celebrating the camaraderie that comes with having cans.

Some of the bits actually work well, like Jules Roenitz’ memory of her P.E. teacher bluntly telling her, “young lady—you need to get a bra”, and Jeanie Van Dam’s pained description of lactating after suffering a miscarriage.

Part of the show's effectiveness is that all the players were creatively involved in the writing, and most of them deliver the stories they wrote.

...the actresses are obviously enjoying themselves and the play takes its mission seriously to not just to entertain, but to educate women and contribute to the fight against breast cancer. At the end of the play’s first run in 2004, the show donated almost $14,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and will do the same with all the profits made on this current run. Maureen Muldoon, the show’s creator and co-director, conceived of the play as an homage to her mother—a victim of breast cancer and has cast her own 11-year-old daughter in the production, emphasizing the personal importance the show has for her.


Boobies, jugs, knockers, melons, globes or whatever other name you come up with, women's breasts have been a focal point in the anatomy of Homo sapiens. Booby Trap, now playing at the Hudson Mainstage Theater until November 12, analyzes, describes, and examines those precious parts in a two-hour romp of music, song, drama, and comedy with a cast of fourteen ladies and one very talented (and lucky) guy, Pray Harper. He's made love to, fawned over, touched, and bounces back and forth among some of the most lovely ladies to grace a stage in a long time.

Created, developed, and directed by Maureen Muldoon (who also helped write the music), this thirty-seven-part scenic wonder was choreographed by Robert Schultz with a list of contributing writers too long to mention. Their collaborative efforts recognized everywhere helped make this the success it was in 2004 when it was first produced. It continues to draw full houses.
What distinguishes Booby Trap is the varying intelligent, humorous, down-to-earth topics, events, and situations that shape each scene and bring pathos and understanding to the subject of breasts. The continuing fast pace, without blackouts, is credited to Ms. Muldoon and Allison Martin, the co-directors who keep a keen sense of entertainment throughout the show when they could have chosen to make it a cautionary discourse.
The cast is terrific; each actor moves beautifully into the role with grace, charm, and wit. The delivery of each story comes across clearly and sensitively:
- "I hate when men stare at them while I'm talking!" followed two second later with, "I love when men stare at them while I'm talking!"
- "Breasts? Nothing but fat and water!"
- "Grandpa never touched her again after she lost her breast."
- "Lumpectomy! Radiation! Chemotherapy! Do I ever think it will come back? All the time."
- "My breasts are mounds of power!"

All the actors gave most convincing performances. Each performance is graced by the addition of one lady who confides her true, terror-filled story of contracting breast cancer. Our performance featured Mindy Sterling in a five-minute cameo. Her sense of humor blended with her harsh story and engaged her beautifully to a hushed audience. Other standouts included Amber Susa telling about "The Lawn Mower"; Allison Martin talking on "Boobology", Maureen Muldoon and Jules Roenitz in a poignant sketch on "Weeping Women", and Kelly Keaton pleading for a "Breast Reduction".

There was a short plea to help the good people at We Spark, a cancer-support center offering free services to cancer patients, their families, and friends. They can be reached at 818-906-3022.
There is hardly any part of the female anatomy that hasn't been discussed in the world of theater. I can only encourage all of you to get caught in the Booby Trap for you will emerge two hours later a bit wiser, a bit happier, and decidedly having enjoyed a theater experience totally.
Booby Trap Hudson Mainstage Theater 6530 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, 90038 Friday - Saturday @ 8:00 p.m.; Sunday @ 3:00 p.m. Playing until November 12

--by Joseph Feinstein

From Sun Newspapers
A troupe of women are taking to the stage in Hollywood to fight breast cancer and share mammary tales filled with elight,dismay, horror and humor. The idea for Booby Trap: The Very Breast Show in Town was born in the mind of Maureen Muldoon, whose
mother died from breast cancer when Maureen was a little girl. The specific cause the show supports is the Sherman Oaks based cancer support center, weSPARK.

Also staged in 2004, the show's mission of raising awareness about breast cancer and promoting laughter through tears remains the same. The play is packed with monologues, dance numbers and songs that communicate the female experience from girlhood to grandmother-hood. There are more than a dozen women in the cast and one man (Pray Harper), whose minority status makes him seem at times endlessly lucky and at others entirely alone. The strengths of the show are the cause
it serves and the cast's general good-natured gameness. The cause makes it worthwhile and the moments of poignancy are enough to hold the audience's attention.

Muldoon's That Night details her experience as a small child trying to coexist in a home that did not have enough space to house the cancer devouring her mother. Her words lend the disease a ubiquitous quality and re-count with stunning accuracy the feelings that can only belong to a motherless daughter.

Kelly Keaton has some touching moments too, recounting her experiences with reductive surgery and mauling medical professionals. It's unclear whether or not the experiences she communicates actually belong to Keaton, or if they are works of dramatic fiction, but hints of truth suggest the former.

Special guests grace the cast during various legs of the run and the hands down highlight of the show I saw was a piece written and performed by Mindy Sterling, who played 'Frau Farbissina' in Mike Meyers' trio of Austin Powers films. Sterling talks candidly about her experience battling breast cancer and her acting ability is so good that it seems she is stricken with the disease as we watch and is preparing, with her strained happy face, for another round of chemo.

On the musical front, Pray Harper supplies the most comical tune, singing and strumming Breast Lovin' Man, a song penned by Muldoon. Deborah Sharpe-Taylor provides pleasing vocals on more serious songs. The on-stage presence of this pack of females spanning all age ranges, shapes and sizes is a consistent and powerful reminder of the power and fragility of the female body. Statistics scripted into the show do not leave out the fact that men can get breast cancer too. Seeing live
theatre and simultaneously supporting a cancer support program is a rewarding way to spend a few hours on the weekend.

Contact: Leigh McLeod Fortier or Sandra Kuker (323) 960-7779

The Very Breast Show In Town

Begins October 6, 2006

Only the Very Breast.

2004’s hit, fundraising show returns to promote awareness of breast cancer
Laughter and tears combine in this important show
2006 performances will benefit weSPARK, Cancer Support Center (, providing free support services

October 6 through November 12, 2006

(Los Angeles, CA) (September, 2006)... Smashbox Cosmetics is proud to present Booby Trap: The Breast Show in Town, coming to The Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood beginning October 6, 2005.

A Special Relationship,
In Monologue and Song

Created by Maureen Muldoon, Boobytrap is a collection of personal monologues and songs that deal with a woman’s relationships with her breast.

Performed in the black box theater style, these stories and songs were woven together by Maureen Muldoon in tribute to her mother who died from breast cancer when Maureen was 12 years old.

Her story shares how this tragic loss has shadowed her life.

Recollections …
And Looking Ahead

“That Spring, when I was nine, cancer stole my mother’s breast. It was all very sudden. One day, they were gone. Uninvited and voraciously hungry cancer would then move into our already crowded home.“ (Maureen Muldoon)

Together with a montage of different breast stories including a young girl’s first bra, a teenager’s bra stuffing escapade, the nursing breast, and the big busted, the boobless and the cancer-fighting breast.

“When I told my daughter we were going shopping for bra’s, she looked at me real wide eyed and started pleading. ‘Can we go to Victoria’s Secret?’” (Debra Van Tongeren)

A Show with a Purpose

The show is dedicated to raise money, promote awareness and to inspire hope and understanding together with laughter and tears.

In October 2004, Boobytrap played to sold out audiences and donated $13,709.37 to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Los Angeles County Affiliate.

“My attitude about breast first developed because. My breast practically developed overnight. They grew so fast I had stretch marks. Mortifying at 14 years old.” (Kelly Keaton)

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Boobytrap continues.
The 2006 performances will benefit weSPARK, Cancer Support Center ( weSPARK provides, free of charge, a center where one can join with others to share their cancer experiences and find strength and hope.

“All our secrets we’ll be tellin’,
while we are talking about our melons”

The Group That Brings the Show to Life

Created by Maureen Muldoon

Developed with Maureen Muldoon, Amber Susa, Jules Roenitz

Directed by Alison Martin, Maureen Muldoon

Produced by Cherilyn Kamo, Lucila Sola, Debra VanTongeren

Contributing Writers:
Terra Cristelle, A. Karno, Kelly Keaton, Allison Martin, Maureen Muldoon, Jannine Ramey, Jules Roenitz, Lisa Rogers, DeBorah Sharpe-Taylor, Lucilla Sola, Amber Susa, Jeanie Van Dam, Debra Van Tongeren, Deborah Woolford. * Mindy Sterling *Bea Elliott * Maggie Hennessy

Music By: Maureen Muldoon, Debra Van Tongeren, John Van Tongeren

Choreography By: Robert Schultz, Ann Devaney, Jules Roenitz

Terra Cristelle, Kelly Keaton, Allison Martin, Maureen Muldoon, Jules Roenitz, Lisa Rogers, Isabella Schaub, Lucilla Sola, Amber Susa, DeBorah Sharpe-Taylor, Jeanie Van Dam, Debra Van Tongeren
*Special Guest Mindy Sterling *Bea Elliott * Maggie Hennessy

Graphics by Cherilyn Kamo

“For all our daughters, nieces and neighbors, for women everywhere. Sisters, grandmothers, friends and lovers, one thousand men each year. Wipe your tears, keep their memories near. Carry little pink ribbons.”

Booby Trap runs October 6 – November 12, 2006. Performances are at The Hudson Backstage Theatre at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood on Friday & Saturday at 8 PM, and Sunday at 3 PM. Tickets are $30. Running time is 105 minutes with intermission, ample street parking, wheelchair access and concessions available.

For information and reservations, call (323) 960-7735 or RESERVE ONLINE:


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