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Re-Animator™ The Musical
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"Eye-popping! This outlandish adaptation of the 1985 cult classic should have fans storming the theatre." ----Los Angeles Times

"For the month of March, Hollywood's happening place will be the front rows of the Steve Allen Theater, where the cheeky, cheesy "Re-Animator™ The Musical" elicits cheers with each spurt of blood and gore making its way over the footlights. Little protection is offered by management's complimentary trash-bag ponchos, but no one cares, and those out of harm's way may even get a little jealous. Not since "Little Shop of Horrors" has a screamfest tuner so deftly balanced seriousness and camp."

- Variety

The Bottom Line Brilliant reanimation of classic horror film completely realized for an entirely different medium. Superbly performed and perfectly calibrated for the imaginative space where audience and spectacle.

- Hollywood Reporter

San Diego may have a lot of good theater but it doesn't have "Re-Animator™ The Musical." That's why a carload of San Diego horror buffs -- including myself -- headed up to LA's Steve Allen Theater this past weekend.


" ('Re-Animator™ The Musical' is) sort of what a horror movie would look like if performed by a wildly talented improv comedy troop -- all set to music. And the music is the key. Without the structure of the music literally keeping things up to speed, the show would descend into over-the-top camp. As it is, it dances brilliantly at the edge. Heck, there's a tango with zombies!"


"Forget 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.' The real hot ticket isn't on Broadway, but Hollywood... 'Re-Animator™ The Musical' is the best show I've seen in a long time."


"'Re-Animator™ The Musical' is bloody hilarious... Just because a film can be turned into a stage musical, it doesn't mean that it should be. Most 1980s horror films wouldn't translate all that well to melodies and dance numbers, but cult classic Re-Animator was a gore-fest with a strong sense of humor, and that makes all the difference.


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