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GEEKS! The Musical!
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The Musical is an entertaining production designed to give you the full experience of a sci-fi convention, minus the acne and B.O.

The Musical is the charming – and frighteningly realistic – story of geek Jordan (Jonathan Brett) and girl Kerry (Redetha Deason) who meet while searching for treasured issues of their favorite comics.

I can’t say enough about Misuraca’s writing. From Doctor Who to Buffy, Dungeons and Dragons and WoW, nearly every geeky reference that can be made is mentioned in this musical. Misuraca’s jokes are solid even when they’re subtle...The ensemble on the whole was great so it’s hard to pick favorites...

Reviewed by Jenny Platt

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Directed by Bennett Cohon and produced by Anne Mesa, “Geeks! The Musical!” entertains its audience with the endeavors and occurrences that a comic book convention presents for a slew of nerds.

Geeks! The Musical!” keeps audience members cracking up with its comic-interested characters.

Thomas Misuraca, the playwright of “Geeks! The Musical!” has relayed this sentiment as a motivation behind the entire show. His self-proclaimed nerdy past brought him experience at the real Comic-Con to envision the story but also a reason to show that happiness really does follow authenticity.

Reviewed by Jenna Maffucci - A&E Contributor


It was a pleasant surprise to hear Misuraca’s colorful language come to life.

All music is played live on a keyboard by the talented Rocco Vitacco; he even has a few humorous one-liners. Misuraca’s lyrics are also full of catchy word play that’s entertaining for the hardcore geek as well as educational for the newbie.

The realness of the characters being portrayed can provide a comforting feeling for any geek. The characters in Geeks! The Musical ask the audience to look beyond the stereotype of taped-up glasses and suspenders and to understand that geeks are people with individual differences.

Geeks! The Musical is a must-see for any fan of comic books and science fiction and especially all attendees of San Diego Comic-Con.

“A very funny, tongue-in-cheek, musical revue with something for everyone! A definite “must-see” for anyone who has ever experienced the madness and mayhem of attending a Comic-Con convention.”

- Sid Fish, Hollywood Weekly Magazine


"Geeks" is a cleverly written musical created for a segment of society that, up till now, hasn't been recognized on the musical stage: sci fi/comics/fantasy enthusiasts. With a slight boost in production values "Geeks" could definitely go to infinity and beyond!

Reviewed by Hettie Lynne Hurtes

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