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Lost Angeles
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Lost Angeles is the best written, best acted new comedy I’ve seen this year.  Caroline Treadwell has created ten alternately irritating/lovable (i.e. human) Generation Xers, put them in real life situations, and let the audience be flies on the wall, watching these very real people experience the joys and pains of falling in and out of love...  The cast is uniformly excellent.

Joe Camareno has done an outstanding job as director, keeping the pace 
moving swiftly and the characters grounded in reality.

Reviewed by Mayank Keshaviah

LOST ANGELES This world premiere comedy by Caroline Treadwell deals with the lives of 10 Angeleno Gen-Xers who are trying to find meaning in their lives. We first meet Anna (Ruth Livier) and her best friend, Marin (Porter Kelly), who is convinced that Anna’s date Julian (Kevin Hoffer), a mild-mannered biochemist, is a “stalker.” In addition to “worrying about” Anna, Marin has to deal with her overly emotional boyfriend, Charlie (Daniel Billet), the rude barista at Starbucks (Adam Donshik), and her friend Beth (Ashleigh Sumner), who is on a lesbian blind date with a woman named Celine (Kristen Ariza) she met on MySpace. Interspersed with these stories are scenes of Anna’s ex-boyfriend, Tom (Seamus Dever), who, in conversations with his Mexican caddy Hernan (Alejandro Cardenas), reveals his plan to get back together with Anna. What begins as a series of Starbucks jokes, riffs on pop culture and tempest-in-a-teacup drama turns into a funny and sometimes sweet examination of finding oneself, “or somebody better.” Joe Camareno’s directing is excellent in its quick transitions, bold use of simultaneous action and physicality... Treadwell’s play has some great comic moments... Billet, Dever, Donshik and Hoffer give memorable and often hilarious performances. American Studio Theater in association with PlayGrounds Ink!

Loved the cast. Loved all of them. Everyone did such a terrific job; I can’t name just one...  The staging and lighting were astutely managed, making great use of the fairly small space.  Kudos to director Joe Camareno for leading this talented cast in a finely tuned, well paced piece of magic.  

Simply put, this play is spectacular.  It's a hilarious and heartfelt piece filled with flawed, affable, recognizable characters.  Lost Angeles is lilghtning in a bottle.  So give yourself a treat and catch it before it's gone.

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