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JUNGMADEL, Hitler's Little Girls
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Begins September 19th, 2010

Hitler Youth's youngest girl division

* After a successful Preview Performance the Dollface Ensemble presents World Premiere on the Arena Stage

Runs September 19th to October 24th, 2010

(Los Angeles, CA) (September, 2010)... Dollface Ensemble is proud to present the world premiere of, Jungmadel, Hitler’s Little Girls, coming to Theatre of Arts’ Arena Stage beginning September 19th, 2010.

Written and directed by Laurel Long, this powerful piece is a stark look at the absolute indoctrination of the Hitler Youth’s youngest girl division.

About The Show

How did a madman convince an entire nation of people to participate in one of history's most vicious genocides? He started with the children. This powerful piece takes a chilling look at the absolute indoctrination of the Hitler Youth's youngest girl division. The Jungmadel live, love, work, and play under the shadow of Nazi Germany. The lives of five young girls are changed forever as they surrender to the unquestioning loyalty of the National Socialist Party.

About the Talent

Written and directed by Laurel Long
Lighting Designer Maarten Cornelis
Projection Design by Gretchen Long
Lighting Board Operator Max Bougrov
Web Design by Cathy Donoso

The Dollface Ensemble Cast:

Gracie Greer – “Anya”
Olivia Kamalski – “Klaudia”
Sullivan Long – “Liesel”
Melissa Lozano – “Hilde”
Mizuki Sako – “Steffi”

With Guest Artist - Maarten Cornelis – “Rolf”

Says playwright Laurel Long:

“I was inspired to write about the Hitler Youth by the increasingly fierce political partisan rhetoric in our country. In this age of constant exposure to media, our children are prime candidates for the same kind of brainwashing that Nazi Germany inflicted upon its youth. Two incidents came to mind as I read about the complete indoctrination of the Hitler Youth. On election morning a little boy said to me ‘Bush is going to win because Republicans love the Lord.’ And an image on CNN of little toddlers waving their arms in a crowd of Obama enthusiasts and chanting ‘Yes we can!’

It's that same ignorant parroting of slogans that led to the unthinking, unquestioning loyalty of the Hitler Youth.”

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Jungmadel, Hitler’s Little Girls runs Sept. 19 through Oct. 24, 2010. Performances are at The Arena Stage at Theatre of Arts at 1625 N. Las Palmas Ave. in Hollywood, CA. 90028. Performances will be Sundays at 3 PM. Tickets are $15. Running time is 60 minutes with no intermission and concessions available. No late seating. Allow time for street parking.



Gracie Greer, (Anya)
Gracie’s love and dedication to acting has led her to many interesting projects. Among her favorite are performing in the Melissa Ethridge video I Need To Wake Up for the film An Inconvenient Truth, her PSA Talk To Kids for Will Farrell’s web site, and the role of Enrique Iglesias’ childhood girlfriend in his video Donde Estas Corazon. She has co-starred in many independent films and has been studying at Sterling Studios for six years. Gracie is entering the eighth grade at OCHSA.

Olivia Kamalski, (Klaudia)
Olivia has studied acting and musical theatre at Laguna Beach Playhouse, Boys & Girls Clubs of Laguna Beach, and with the Arts-X-Press program. Among her favorite roles are Nora from Brighton Beach Memoirs and Peggy from The Children’s Hour. Olivia, also a singer, has been taking voice lessons since the age of seven and has been in the school choir for five years. Olivia is entering the eighth grade at Corona Del Mar High School.

Melissa Lozano, (Hilde)
Melissa’s audition and on-camera commercial training with Sterling Studios helped her land two national commercials, Hasbro and Peter Piper Pizza. She is an accomplished singer who performs with her school choir and takes vocal training at Gray Studios. She is also a writer who plans to convert her poems into a theatrical piece for performance. Melissa is excited to be working on Jungmadel because she likes learning about history and studying the human condition. She is entering the ninth grade at Los Alamitos High School in Riverside.

Mizuki Sako, (Steffi)
Mizuki was born in Japan and came to America at the age of three. She began acting at the age of eight when she performed in a production at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Harbor Area. She has been studying ballet with Southland Ballet Academy for six years and has performed in The Nutcracker with Festival Ballet Theatre for six years. She is entering the seventh grade at Orange County High School of the Arts with the Classical Dance conservatory.

Sullivan Long, (Liesel)
Sullivan studied at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute for three years where she learned about bringing truth to her characters. She has also taken classes at The South Coast Repertory and has been in productions at several Boys & Girls Clubs. Among her favorite roles are Mary from The Children’s Hour and Janice Vickery from The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. She is now entering the eighth grade at Orange County High School of the Arts. She feels this piece is very influential and is happy to bring the subject to peoples attention

Maarten Cornelis, (Rolf)
Maarten was born in Belgium where he enjoyed the success of being lead singer in TSQ, Tiger squad, a famous boy band. He then came to America where he studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and performed in many productions including Voycheck, The Bald Soprano, and King Lear. He was production designer on this project and is currently the resident lighting designer for the Italian Consulate here in Los Angeles. He is also an independent filmmaker whose film 1789 will soon be released in both Europe and America.

Laurel Long, Playwright & Director
Laurel has a BFA in Youth Theatre and over twenty years experience working with young actors. She has held arts administration positions with Alaska Theatre of Youth, Phoenix Children’s Theatre, and The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in West Hollywood. She is proud of her work developing drama and playwrighting programs for several Boys & Girls Clubs. Her plays U-A-Girl-Me-A-Girl about the 1909 Garment Workers strike, Commissary Wives a retelling of Lysistrata set in the heyday of unscrupulous military recruiting techniques during the onset of the Iraq war, and Annabelle’s Solstice a creepy look at meth and the mermaid culture, have enjoyed fine productions at Strasberg and several school districts. Laurel created Dollface Ensemble to create theatre projects for young female artists with the intention of empowering them to create their own artistic opportunities.

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