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Ticket Agency                    WHY CHOOSE ONSTAGE411?

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Onstage411 offers a 24 hour a day / 7 day a week automated reservation system, as well as unparalleled consultation and a range of other services.

In addition our many services for producers, we are Los Angeles’ premiere provider of half-off tickets and discount tickets to L.A.’s hottest shows.

Because dedicated patrons, reviewers, and award-voters come to Onstage411 to get their tickets, we can expose your show (whether discount or full price) to over 60,000 patrons daily.


Phone and Web Sales
Web Sales Only
Discount Tickets Only*
$100 (one-time fee), removed from first settlement check. 5% of sales removed from each settlement check. $50 (one-time fee), removed from first settlement check. 5% of sales removed from each settlement check. 5% of sales removed from each settlement check ($25 minimum, entire run)


  Package 1
Phone & Web Sales
Package 2
Web Sales Only
Package 3
Discount Tickets Only*
24/7 automated reservation line with custom greeting Yes N/A N/A
Multiple-page web site with your own web address Yes Yes N/A
24/7 box office sales reports, accessible from any computer worldwide Yes Yes Yes
Database of your patrons’ email and snail mail addresses Yes Yes Yes
Weekly email blasts to our list of more than 30,000 interested customers Yes Yes Yes
Free Email Marketing Tool Yes Yes Yes
Banner Ad and Space for Video Trailer Yes Yes Yes

Patron pays small service fee per ticket for the guaranteed reservation.

*Select "Discount Tickets Only" if your show has already opened and you do not need full ticketing services.

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Production Consulting

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Whether this is your first time producing a show or you are a seasoned producer looking for a targeted marketing strategy, a new edge, or just a way to cut costs, we are Los Angeles’ theatre production specialists.

We will help you create a budget that fits your needs and means, and take you step-by-step through each and every stage of producing a successful show in the Los Angeles area.

From locating the best theatre to negotiating contracts, implementing a marketing strategy, filing equity paperwork, getting great deals on insurance, hiring a designer, staff referrals, and more, we are here to make producing your L.A. show enjoyable, satisfying, and successful.

We tailor our consultation to your specific needs. If you only have specific questions, we can supply you with specific answers.

Or, we can function as a total production solution, overseeing ALL aspects of production. (I.e., we consult with you each step of the way, walking you through every aspect of producing, making referrals, creating marketing plans, etc., from beginning to end).

Contact us for a quote! Email: for more information.


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Warning! This is not where you cut corners. Email us for free insurance advice.

We are not insurance agents, brokers or lawyers. Rather, theatre professionals and producers who have learned a great deal about theatrical insurance needs throughout the years. This allows us to remain impartial to a particular company or policy and offer you advise without ties to those companies.


Required when you rent a theatre space. We obtain the insurance for you as your producing consultant. A typical 6-week 99-seat theatre run costs from $375 to $750. (Rates can be lower for a small audience or more for larger venues or audience.) Ask your theatre manager if he is able to provide a certificate rider for your production. Be certain that your production and you are named on the certificate. If you or your production are not named on a certificate, you are NOT COVERED. If this information differs from what you’ve been told, please email us for a free insurance consultation,


You MUST be a non-profit organization for this insurance. If you are a legal non-profit organization, just click the link to CIMA and follow their instructions.


In the event of an accident, this policy covers all your casting, rehearsal and performance locations. For $375 you can cover up to 41 cast and crew for a full year. And, this is a zero deductible policy, meaning you pay nothing toward the medical costs.


    Covers all locations.  
  • $15,000 each person.
  • $5,000 dismemberment, blindness or death.
  • Zero deductible.


The State of California requires you to provide Workers Compensation or confirm that coverage is in place if an individual is receiving payment for services rendered. While insurance can be obtained quickly, you should allow at least 30 days to obtain coverage. We will refer you to the offices that accept your application.


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As Los Angeles’ "theatre experts," we are pleased to offer premium bookkeeping and accounting services. We make sure your bookkeeping is ready for your accountant to prepare your taxes.

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